1000+ Popular Baby Names and Meanings, Boy, and Girl That Start with “H”

1000+ Popular Baby Names and Meanings, Boy, and Girl That Start with “H”
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Hello, Are you in search of the perfect baby name that starts with the letter “H”? Look no further! In this extensive guide, we’ve curated a list of 1000+ popular baby names, both for boys and girls, all starting with the letter “H.” Naming your child is a momentous occasion, and we’re here to provide you with a diverse selection of names along with their meanings.

Significance of Popular Baby Names

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision that reflects your love, hopes, and aspirations. The name you select will accompany your child throughout their life, shaping their identity. In this article, we’ve compiled an extensive list of 1000+ popular baby names that start with “H” for both boys and girls, ensuring you have a wealth of options to choose from.

Popular Baby Names and Meanings That Start with H Boy Entries

01Hadden From the heath
02Haddon From the heath
03Haden From the heath
04Hadley From the heath covered meadow
05Hadon From the heath
06Hadrian Son of Adrian
07Hadwin War friend
08Hadwyn War friend
09Haefen Safety
10HaeleLives in the hall
11Haestingas Violent
12HaethowineWar friend
13Hagaleah From the hedged meadow
14Hagalean From the hedged enclosure
15HaligwiellaLives by the holy spring
16Hagaward Keeper of the hedged enclosure
17Hagley From the hedged enclosure
18Hagly From the hedged enclosure
19Haig From the hedged enclosure
20Hal A nickname for Henry Rules his household.
21Halbart Brilliant hero
22Halbert Brilliant hero
23Halburt Brilliant hero
24Haldane From Denmark.
25Halden From Denmark.
26Hale Lives in the hall
27Halebeorht Brilliant hero
28Halford From the hall by the ford
29Heall – From the manor

Serial no:NameMeaning:
31Hall From the manor
32Hallam Lives at the hall’s slopes
33Halley From the manor house meadow
34Halliwell Lives by the holy spring
35Halsey From Hal’s island
36Hallwell Lives by the holy spring
37Hargrove From the hare’s grove
38Harford From the hare’s ford
39Hareleah From the hare’s meadow
40Harelache Lives at the hare’s lake
41Hare Rabbit
42Hardyn From the hare’s valley
43Hardwyn Brave friend
44Hardwin Brave friend
45Harding From the hare’s valley
46Hardin From the hare’s valley
47Harden From the hare’s valley
48Haraford From the hare’s ford
49Harac From the ancient oak tree
50Hanly From the high meadow
51Hanley From the high meadow
52Hank Nickname for Henry Rules his household.
53Halsig From Hal’s island
54Halstead From the manor house
55HaltonFrom the hillslope estate
56Hamelstun From the grassy estate
57Hampton Place-name and surname
58Hand Worker
59Hanford From the high ford
60Haven place of safety: shelter.

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
61Harlak Lives at the hare’s lake
62Harlake Lives at the hare’s lake
63Harlan From the hare’s land
67Harland Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname.
68Harleigh From the hare’s meadow
69Harlen Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname.
70Harley From the hare’s meadow
71Harlon Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname.
72Harlow Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname.
73Harlowe From the hare’s hill
74Harold Army commander.
75Harper Harpist: minstrel.
76Harry Army man
77Hart Stag Strong: brave. Surname.
78Harte Strong: brave. Surname.
79Hartford From the stag’s ford
80Hartley From the stag’s meadow
81Hartman Strong: brave. Surname.
82Hartun From the gray estate
83HartwellLives near the stag’s spring
84Hartwood From the stag’s forest
85Harvey Bitter Eager for battle.
86Haslet From the hazel tree land
87HaslettFrom the hazel tree land
89Hastings Violent
90HeallFrom the manor

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
91HealhtunFrom the hillslope estate
92Heahweard Chief guardian
93Haywood From the hedged forest
94Hayward Keeper of the hedged enclosure
95Hayle Lives in the hall
96HayesFrom the hedged land
97Haydon From the hedged in valley
98Haydin Strong, Independent, Loving.
99Hayden From the hedged in valley
100Hawly From the hedged meadow
101Hawley From the hedged meadow
102Havyn Son of Harry
103Harrison Son of Harry Surname.
104Harriman – Surname.
105Healleah From the manor house meadow
106Heathley From the heath covered meadow
107Heathleah From the heath covered meadow
108Heathdene From the heath
109Heathclyf From the heath cliff
110Heathcliff From the heath cliff
111Heath Untended land where flowering shrubs grow. Surname and place-name.
112Hearpere Harpist
113Hearne Mythical hunter
114Heardwine Brave friend
115Heardind From the hare’s valley
116Heallstede From the manor house
117Healum Lives at the hall’s slopes
118Healy From the slope land
119Heanford From the high ford
120Heanleah From the high meadow

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
120Helton From the hillslope estate
122Henrick Strong ruler
123Henry Rules his household. Oft-used English and French royal name. The second son of Charles Prince of Wales is named Henry.
124Heort Stag
125HeortwiellaLives near the stag’s spring
126Heortwode From the stag’s forest
127Herald One who proclaims. Also variant of Harold Army commander.
128Heraldo Army commander.
129Herlbert Army strong
130Herlebeorht Army strong
131Hern Mythical hunter
132Herne Mythical hunter
133Herve Bitter
134Hetheclif From the heath cliff
135HeywoodFrom the hedged forest
136Holcomb From the deep valley
137Holbrook From the brook
138Hodsone Son of the hooded man
139Hod Hooded
140Hlithtun From tbe hillside town
141Hlink From the bank
142Hline From the bank
143Hilton From the hall on the hill
144Hillocke From the small hill
145Hillock From the small hill
146Hide From the hide
147Hid From the hide
148Hiatt From the high gate
149HoldenFrom tbe hollow in the valley
150Holdin From tbe hollow in the valley

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
151Holdyn From tbe hollow in the valley
152Hollis Lives by the holly trees
153Holman man from the valley.
154Holmes From the river island
155Holt By the forest.
156Holwell Lives by the holy spring
157HortonFrom the gray estate
158Houerv Bitter
159HoughtonFrom the estate on the bluff
160Howard Chief guardian
161Howie Nichname for Howard noble watchman.
162Howland From the chiefs land
163Hraefnscaga From the raven forest
164Hrapenly From the shouter’s meadow
165Hring Ring
166Hristun From the brushwood estate
167Hrocby From the crow’s estate
168Hrocesburh From the crow’s forest
169Hrycg From the ridge
170Hrychleah From the meadow’s edge
171Hrypanleah From the shouter’s meadow
172Hrytherford From the cattle ford
173Hsmilton From the grassy estate
174Hud Hooded
175Hudson Son of the hooded man
176Huey Intelligent
177Hroc Crow
178Hugh Intelligent
179Hugi Intelligent
180Humility Humble

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
181Hunt Pursuer. Surname.
182Hunter Hunter
183Huntingden From the hunter’s hill
184Huntingdon From the hunter’s hill
185Huntington From the hunting farm
186Huntingtun From the hunting farm
187Huntley From the hunter’s meadow
188Huntly From the hunter’s meadow
189Hurlbart Army strong
190Hurlbert Army strong
191Hurst Lives in the forest
192Hurste Lives in the forest
193Hutton From the estate on the ridge
194Huxeford From Hugh’s ford
195Huxford – From Hugh’s ford
196Huxley From Hugh’s meadow
197Huxly From Hugh’s meadow
198Hwaeteleah From the wheat field
199Hweolere Wheel maker
200Hwertun From the estate at the hollow
201Hwistlere Piper
202Hwitby From the white farmstead
203Hwitcomb From the white hollow
204Hwitcumb From the white hollow
205Hwitford From the white ford
206Hwithloew From the white hill
207Hwitloc From the white fortress
208Hyatt From the high gate. Surname.
209Hyde From the hide
210Hadden From the Moor

Serial No:Name:Meaning:
211Hadley Heath Covered Moorland
212Hadwin Friend in War
213Hal Variant of Henry
214Halbert Bright Stone
215Halden Half-Dane
216Hale Robust
217Hall From the Hall or Manor
218Halsey Residence Name
219Hamlin Ruler of the Home
220Hanley From the High Meadow
222Harlan, HarlandMeadow of the Hares
223Harley Army Meadow
224Harold, HarryPower
225Harris, Harrison Son of Harold
226Hartley Residence Name
227Heath, From Heath or Moorland
228Hector Steadfast
229Henry Ruler of the House
230Herbert Bright Warrior
231Herman Warrior
232Homer A Pledge or Security
233Horace, Timekeeper
234Howard Strong Minded
235Hubert Bright Minded
236Hugh, HugoFire
237Humphrey Supporter of Peace
238Hunter Hunter
239HeathcliffFrom Heath or Moorland

Popular Baby Names and Meanings H GIrl Entries

Serial No:Name:Meaning:
241HadleighGirl in heather
242HadleyField of heather. Surname. The name of Hemingway’s first wife.
244Hailey Haleigh, Haley.
245Hailie Hero
246HaleighField of hay. Usually a surname.
247HaleyField of hay. Usually a surname.
248Halfrith Peaceful home
249Halfryta Peaceful home
250Halig Holy
252Halley From the Hall.
253HallfritaPeaceful home
254Hallie – From the Hall.
255HannahFavor: grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel
256Hannalee Favor: grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel.
257Harleen Meadow of the hares. Feminine of Harley.
258Harlie Meadow of the hares. Feminine of Harley.
259Harmonee Unity: concord: musically in tune. Harmonia was the mythological daughter of Aphrodite.
260Harmonie Unity: concord: musically in tune. Harmonia was the mythological daughter of Aphrodite.
261Harriet Rules her household. Feminine of Harry from Henry.
262Hattie Rules her household. Feminine of Harry from Henry.
263Haylen Hall of light.
264Hayley From the hay meadow
265Haylie Field of hay. Usually a surname.
266Hazel The hazel tree:nut.
267Hazell The hazel tree:nut.
268Hazle Variant of Hazel.
269Heallfrith Peaceful home

Serial No:Name:Meaning:
271HeatherA flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands as in Scotland. Heather
272Helena Variant of Helen. In mythology the abduction of Zeus’s mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan War.
273Hertha Of the earth
274Hester Variant of Esther.
275Hilary Joyful: glad.
276Hild Battle maid
277Hilda Battle maid
278Hilde Battle maid
279Hildie Battle maid
280Hillary Joyful: glad.
281Hlynn Waterfall
282Holea Holy
283Hollee The holly tree. Common name given Christmas girl babies.
284Hollie The holly tree. Common name given Christmas girl babies.
285Hollis – The holly tree. Common name given Christmas girl babies.
286Holly Holy
287Honbria Sweet
288Honbrie Sweet
289Honey Sweet
290Hope Hope
291Hortense Garden
292Hrothbeorhta Bright or famous
293Hrothberta Bright or famous
294Hrothbertina Bright or famous
295Hrothnerta Bright or famous
296Huette Little Hugh
297Huetts Little Hugh
298HughettaLittle Hugh
299HughetteLittle Hugh
300Hugiet Little Hugh

Serial No:Name:Meaning:
302Haley, HayleyHeroine
303Hanna, Hannah Blessed by God
304HarrietMistress of the Home
305Harley From the Long Field
307HattieMistress of the Home
309HeatherFlowering Heather
310Helen, HelenaLight
311Henrietta Mistress of the Home
312Hetty A Star
313Hilda War Maid
314Holly The Holly Bush
315Honey – Sweet as Honey
316Hope Optimistic
317Hortense Gardener
319Idal From the yew tree valley
320Ike Variant of Hebrew Isaac Laughter.
321Innocent Innocent
322Irven Friend. See also Ervin
323Irvin Friend. See also Ervin.
324Irvine Friend. See also Ervin.
325Irving Friend. See also Ervin.
326Irvyn Friend. See also Ervin.
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Conclusion of Name Selecting

Choosing a baby name is a memorable journey that reflects your love and care for your child. With this extensive list of 1000+ popular baby names that start with “H,” you’re bound to find the perfect name that resonates with you and your family’s values. Whether you prefer classic, trendy, or unique names, the options are abundant. Embrace this beautiful chapter of parenthood and cherish the name you select for your little one. Thank you very much


1: How do I choose the perfect baby name from this list?
A: Selecting a name is a personal choice. Consider the meaning, sound, and significance of the name to you and your family.

2: Are these names based on any cultural or regional preferences?
A: The list includes names from various cultural backgrounds, providing a diverse selection.

3: Can I find unique and uncommon names starting with “H” here?
A: Yes, the list features both popular and less common names, catering to a range of preferences.

4: Do the meanings of these names hold any significance?
A: The meanings of names can add depth and symbolism to your choice, but the ultimate decision is yours.

6: Is it essential to choose a name with a specific meaning?
A: No, the meaning of the name is a personal preference; you can choose a name that resonates with you.