1000+ Popular Baby Names and Meanings, Boy, and Girl That Start with “O”

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Are you searching for the perfect baby name that starts with “O”? Look no further! Whether you’re expecting a boy or girl, names beginning with “O” offer a wide array of meanings, cultural roots, and historical significance. Here’s a curated list of over 1000 popular baby names along with their meanings:

O Entries – Boy Names

01Oakden From the oak tree valley
02Oakes From the oak
03Oakley From the oak – tree meadow
04Ocelfa From the high plain
05Odale Of the valley
06Odam Son in law
07Odayle Of the valley
08Odell Of the valley
09Odom Son in law
10Odwolf Wealthy wolf
11OdwolfeWealthy wolf
12Odwulf Wealthy wolf
13Oegelsby Fearsome
14Ogden From the oak tree valley
15Ogdon – From the oak tree valley
16Ogelsby Fearsome
17Ogelsvie Fearsome
18Ogelsvy Fearsome
19Okes From the oak
20Oliver The olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. Extending an olive branch signifies an offer of peace.
21Ollaneg From Olney
22Olney From OlneyFrom Olney
23Onslow From the zealous one’s hill
24Onslowe From the zealous one’s hill
25Orahamm From tbe riverbank enclosure
26Oram From tbe riverbank enclosure
27Oratun From the shore farm
28Ordland From the pointed hill
29Ordman Spearman
30Ordmund Spear defender

Serial no:NameMeaning:
31Ordsone Ormond’s son
32Ordwald Spear strength
33Ordwin Spear friend
34Ordwine Spear friend
35Orford From the cattle ford
36Orham From tbe riverbank enclosure
37Orick From the ancient oak tree
38Orik From the ancient oak tree
39Orlan From the pointed hill
40Orland From the pointed hill
41Orman Spearman
42Ormeman Spearman
43Ormemund Spear defender
44Ormond Spear defender
45Ormund –Spear defender
46Orran The name of an English river.
47Orren The name of an English river.
48Orrick From the ancient oak tree
49Orrik From the ancient oak tree
50Orrin The name of an English river.
51Orsen Ormond’s son
52Orson Ormond’s son
53Orton From the shore farm
54Ortun From the shore farm
55Orval Spear strength
56Orvil Spear strength
57Orville Spear strength
58Orvin Spear friend
59Orvyn Spear friend
60Orwald Spear strength

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
61Os Divine
62Osbart Divinely brilliant
63Osbeorht Divinely brilliant
67Osbert Divinely brilliant
68Osborn Divine warrior
69Osbourne Divine warrior
70Osburn Divine warrior
71Osburt Divinely brilliant
72Oscar God’s spear.
73Osman Godly protection.
74Osmar Divinely glorious
75Osmarr Divinely glorious
76Osmin Godly protection.
77Osmond Divine protector
78Osmont – Divine protector
79Osmund Godly protection.
80Osraed Divine counselor
81OsredDivine counselor
82Osric Divine ruler
83Osrick Divine ruler
84Osrid Divine counselor
85Osrik Divine ruler
86Osryd Divine counselor
87Oswald Divinely powerful
89Osweald Divinely powerful
90Oswell Divinely powerful

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
91Oswin God’s friend.
92Oxford From the ox ford
93Oxley From the ox enclosure
94OxnafordFrom the ox ford
95Oxnaleah From the ox enclosure
96Oxnatun From the ox farm
97Oxton From the ox farm
99Oz Divine
101Ozzy LeBronGods Divine Power
103Olaf Relic
105Olin Holly
107Oliver Olive Tree
109Orson Like the Bear
111Oscar Spear of God
113Oswald Of God-Like Power
115Otis Hears Well
117Owen Well-Born

O Entries – Girl Names

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
120OldwinSpecial friend
122OldwinaSpecial friend
123Oldwyn Special friend
124Oleda Winged
126Oletha Light: nimble.
127OlexaDefender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
128Olita Winged
129Oona One
130Ora Beautiful seacoast
131Orabel Beautiful seacoast
132Orabelle – Beautiful seacoast
133Oralie Golden
134Orelia Golden
135Orva Special friend
136Octavia Eighth
137Odette Melody
138Olga Holy
140Olivia, OliveSymbol of Peace
142Opal Gemstone
144Ophelia Serpent
146Oprah Fawn
148Oriel, OrlenaThe Golden
149Orlantha Fame of the Land
150Orva Courageous Friend


Choosing a baby name is an exciting journey. Names starting with “O” encompass a wide range of options, from timeless classics to modern favorites. Whether you’re drawn to the strength of Owen, the grace of Olivia, or the historical richness of Octavia, there’s a perfect “O” name waiting for your little one.

Explore our comprehensive list of over 1000 popular baby names starting with “O” and find inspiration for your baby’s name that will resonate for a lifetime.