1000+ Popular Baby Names and Meanings, Boy, and Girl That Start with “P”

1000+ Popular Baby Names and Meanings, Boy, and Girl That Start with “P”
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Choosing a baby name is an exciting yet challenging task for expectant parents. It’s a decision that will shape a child’s identity and accompany them throughout their life journey. In the vast landscape of baby names, those starting with the letter “P” hold a special charm. Let’s delve into the world of 1000+ popular baby names and meanings, both for boys and girls, all starting with the illustrious letter “P.”

The Popularity of “P” Names:

“P” names have a significant presence in the world of baby names. According to recent statistics, they constitute a substantial portion of the names chosen by parents globally. The allure of the letter “P” lies in its versatility and the range of beautiful names it offers

Popular Baby Names and Meanings = P Entries – Boy Names

01Paegastun From the fighter’s farm
02Paella Mantle
03Paine Pagan
04Paiton 1 or 2 Meaning: Village of the Warrior
05Palmer Bearing a palm branch.
06Palmere Pilgrim
07Parisch Lives near the church
08Park Of the forest
09ParkeOf the forest
10Parker Keeper of the forest: forest ranger. Actor Parker Stevenson.
11Parkin Little rock
12Parkins Son of Parkin
13Parkinson – Son of Parkin
14Parle Little rock
15Parnall Little rock
16Parnel Surname derived from a medieval given name.
17Parnell Surname derived from a medieval given name.
18Parr From the cattle enclosure
19Parrish Lives near the church
20Parsefal Valley piercer
21Parsifal Valley piercer
22Pat Patrician: noble. Abbreviation of Patrick.
23Paton From the warrior’s town
24Patrick Patrician: noble. Romans society was divided into plebeians: (commoners) and patricians: (aristocrats). Saint Patrick – patron saint of Ireland.
25Patten From the warrior’s town
26Pattin From the warrior’s town
27Patton From the warrior’s town
28Paul Little. Biblical apostle and evangelist Paul’s letters to early Christians comprise many New Testament books.
29Pauloc Little rock
30Paulson Little. Son of Paul. Surname.

Serial no:NameMeaning:
31Pax From the peaceful farm
32Paxton From the peaceful farm
33Paxtun From the peaceful farm
34Payden From the fighter’s farm
35Payne Pagan
36Payton From the fighter’s farm
37Pearce Form of Piers from Peter.
38PearrocOf the forest
39Pearson Son of Pierce
40Peirce Rock
42Pelltun From the pool farm
43Pemton From the pool farm
44Penleigh – From the enclosed pasture meadow
45Penley From the enclosed pasture meadow
46Penn From the enclosure
47Pennleah From the enclosed pasture meadow
48Penton From the enclosed farm
49Perceval Valley piercer
50Percival Pierces
51Percy Pierces
52Peregrine The peregrine falcon is the bird most favored in the ancient sport of falconry.
53Perekin Little rock
54Perkin Little rock
55PerkinsSon of Perkin

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
61Perkinson Son of Perkin
62Pernel Little rock
63Pernell Little rock
67Perry From the pear tree. Abbreviation of Peregrine. Surname.
68PeryeFrom the pear tree
69Pete A rock. Form of Peter.
70Peter A rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and apostle had impulsive nature and rocklike faith. In Catholic tradition he is the first pope.
71Peterson A rock. Form of Peter.
72Peyton From the fighter’s farm
73Pfeostun From the Priest’s farm
74PfessSley From the priest’s meadow
75Phelps Son of Philip
76Phil Fond of horses. Form of Phillip.
77Philip Fond of horses. Form of Phillip.
78Philips Son of Philip
79PhillipFond of horses. One of the biblical 12 apostles.
80Phillips Son of Philip
81Picford From the woodcutter’s ford
82Pickford From the woodcutter’s ford
83Pickworth From the woodcutter’s estate
84Pierce Rock
85Pierrel Little rock
86Piers Son of Pierce
87Pierson Form of Piers from Peter.
89Pit From the Pit
90Pitney From the Preserving land

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
91Pollock Little rock
92Picaworth From the woodcutter’s estate
93PrenticeApprentice: learner. Surname.
94Prentiss Scholar
95Preostcot From the Priest’s dwelling
96Prescot Priest’s cottage. Surname.
97Prescott From the Priest’s dwelling
98Presley From the priest’s meadow
99Prestin From the Priest’s farm
100Preston Priest’s town.
101PriestlyFrom the priest’s meadow
102Prince Principal one: first. The rock musician Prince.
103Princeton – Principal one: first. The rock musician Prince.
104Prior Servant of the priory
105Pryor Servant of the priory
106Putnam From the commander’s estate
107Pyn From the enclosure
108Pyt From the Pit
109Paul Small
110Paxton Travelling TraderPercy – The Gorge Piercer
111Perry Pear Tree
112Peter Rock or Stone
113Peyton Form of Patrick
114Philbert Illustriously Brilliant
115Philip Horse Lover
116Phineas Brazen Mouth
117Pierce Rock or Stone

Popular Baby Names and Meanings = P Entries – Girl Names

Serial no:Name:Meaning:
122Peace Peaceful
123Philberta Brilliant
124Piper Piper
125Pipere Piper
126Poppy Flower
127Promyse Variant of Promise. A vow.
128Page Attendant
129Pamela Sweet as Honey
130Pandora Gifted
131Pansy A Thought
132Patience Virtuous
133Patricia Noble Woman
134Patty Variant of Patricia
135Paula, PauletteSmall
136Pearl – The Pearl
137Peggy, PegA Pearl
138Penelope Weaver
139Philippa Feminine of Philip
141Phoebe Goddess of the Moon
142Phyllis A Green Bough
143Pollyvariant of Molly
144Primavera Spring’s Beginning
145Primrose First Rose
146Priscilla Dutiful
147Prudence Prudent
148Prunella Prune (Plum) Colour

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Choosing a baby’s name is a significant and personal decision for parents. The world of “P” names offers a vast array of options, from timeless classics to trendy and unique choices. Whatever the inspiration, the journey of selecting a name is an adventure filled with meaning, culture, and personal significance

  • How do I ensure the uniqueness of my chosen “P” name for my baby?

Consider combining elements from different names or exploring less common variations.

  • Are there any cultural considerations when choosing a “P” name?

Yes, it’s essential to be aware of cultural meanings and significance associated with certain names.

  • Should I consider the sound of the name when choosing a “P” name?

Absolutely! The sound and rhythm of the name can impact how well it resonates with you and others.